Rules of the Ride

Please be aware of, and follow, these guidelines when participating in our group rides.


Clearly communicate to other riders changes in speed or direction, road hazards, pedestrians and vehicles. Call out “car back”, “slowing” or “stopping” as needed. Communicate calls throughout the group. Coordinate group turns and moves.

Be Predictable

Look before you make a move. Riders and motorists expect you to ride in a straight line and at a consistent speed. Avoid sudden changes in speed or lane position. Scan behind and to the side before changing position.

Don’t Pass on Right

Gather behind the last car in line at an intersection. Although law permits a cyclist to pass cars on the right at an intersection, such behavior is discouraged in group rides as a courtesy to motorists.

Avoid Riding More than Two Abreast

Group riding often requires riding two abreast. While this is not illegal in North Carolina, please exercise your rights with courtesy.

Choose Proper Lane Positioning

North Carolina law permits bikes to ride in the travel lane, and to use the entire lane if necessary.  Never cross yellow center lines. Be courteous and use the shoulder when it is safe to do so.

Be Courteous at Intersections

Obey traffic signs and signals at intersections. At stop signs, consider moving as a single unit through intersections if all riders feel it is safe to do so. Slow and stop at yellow lights. Consider adopting a policy of stopping or slowing after intersections when the group is split.

The Rules & Basics of Pace Line Riding

If you are new to cycling, it is important to ride with a group that will teach you these rules and always let those you with be riding with know what your experience level is.