Cornelius Cycling Club

The Cornelius Cycling Club is a voluntary group of non-competitive cyclists who mostly also have a common interest in craft beer.

We hold a weekly group ride on Wednesday nights on the Jetton Peninsula of Lake Norman. It’s a scenic and relatively safe 25-30 mile loop.

We welcome everybody, any time, to join our rides, as long as you’re willing to ride safely in a pace line. Please read more about our ride below, and sign the waiver if it’s your first time.

Our Wednesday Group Ride

Cornelius Cycling Club holds a weekly social group road bike ride on Wednesday nights, during daylight saving time. (Typically beginning the 3rd week of March until the second week of October)

The ride leaves from the Lost Worlds Brewing Company at 6pm. We typically split into 4 or more groups depending on turnout.

The Routes

Our route takes us on a tour of the Jetton Peninsula in Cornelius, it includes primarily right turns. 

The Regular Route

This is our full route when the days are long enough to support it.

The Short Route

We'll run this shorter route early and late in the season. 

Join our active facebook group for more updates (especially last minute updates) about the ride.